Saturday, December 27, 2008

A MAIN ACTRESS in "Wrong Identity" film

Hello, hello!

December 27-28, 2008

So, after Christmas I'm back on the grind with gigs.
I receive a call about auditioning for a role in a film called "Wrong Identity" written by Andre and Directed by Lil X aka Mr. X.

So I get the script on the spot and rehearse some lines, there were 2 female roles one as an assassin and another as a wife who ends up a killer at the end.

Well, I ended up getting the wife role, which is cool cause in the end I WIN because I kill the assassin girl hahahaha.

It was a 2 day shoot and the set was in Oakville.
It was really fun, I got to wear a wig with straight hair and bangs.
I'm excited to see the final cut, hope you are too.

Keep on the lookout,

Thanks, Jenny JC.

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