Monday, January 26, 2009


Hello there,

So it's still January, can't believe this month is almost over.
It seems like yesterday was new years.
Next month is the month of LOVE as in Valentines Day!
I had a Valentines inspired photoshoot and brought some naughtiness into it. LOL
It was freezing while I was getting ready and being photographed, just so you know.
It's not as easy as it looks to model, sometimes the way you need to bend and twist your body to get the right pose can really hurt!

The whole eye candy style was a little outside my box, but I tried it and it was fun.

Hope y'all enjoy em!
xoxo, Jenny JC

Friday, January 16, 2009

MAIN GIRL/ INVENTOR of "Wikked Wine" Dance for Soca-Hop Music Video

Hey Everybody!!

Well, I had kind of a long day mostly waiting on set for my solo in the DJ Rock da house- "Wikked Wine" Music video.
Arrived to set around 4-5pm and didn't get to my scene til about 9ish. Good thing there was a laptop around or else I would of lost my mind from being BORED!

Even though I've done so many videos, I can never really get used to the long wait periods, I sometimes take a nap before going on set! =)
When it was my turn to go on set, I hurried up with wardrobe, makeup, etc and they filmed me in a laser quest type of background and I was glowing with my white ensemble, it was fun!!

The artist said he is going to be playing the video out in Trinidad, and hopefully people out there will pick up the dance that I created "Wikked Wine".
It was a great set!
If it plays in Canada, I will let yall know!

Take care.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

February Fashion Show Rehearsal

Good day yall,

January 14, 2009

So today, I have a model rehearsal for a charity fashion show coming up in February.
It's for a good cause, so I said why not do something nice.
I think I will be modeling street wear, I hope the clothes look and feel good.
If not, I still gotta make do. =)
I'm not looking forward to stepping outside in the awful cold weather = (

Then after the rehearsal, I gotta form a solo dance routine for a music video tomorrow.

Stay warm and get some hot coco!
Love, Jenny JC

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A MAIN GIRL in AGame- "Go Head Shawty" Music Video


January 10, 2009

So today was the music videoshoot for AGame "Go head shawty".
I was 1 of 3 main girls for the video.
I got my own dressing room with nice bright spotlights, which was really cool and can't recall having one ever and I've done so many videos lol what are the odds of that.

When I arrive, I head to my dressing room and then gotta see hair and makeup.
I started with makeup and the makeup artist was very nice, she said I was nice to work with =)

After that, I went to see the stylist for the main girls.
She was awesome, we did have some trouble because I brought some outfits and I thought what I had would suffice but then she gave me some outfits to try and most of em didn't really work.

Then we finally had put something together and wow, all I can say is THAT NO ONE HAS DONE IT B4, so when you see it again ITS CUZ OF ME!!! =P

Check me out in the video I think it will be on Muchmusic.
I'm in a zebra bra, leather shorts, white belt, 2tone tights, zebra heels!

Let me know, when you see it!
Luv, Jenny JC