Friday, March 20, 2009

Follow up: A Main Girl in Agame- "Go head shawty" Music Video

How's it going everybody?!

Here I'm on set as one of three main girls in Agame-"Go head Shawty" music video.
I'm doing my solo shot and wearing "grillz" while mean mugging the camera.
The song is good and I enjoyed listening to it.
The stylist was nice and she did me up proper, my outfit consisted of the zebra strapless bikini which was very cute, leather shorts and a two-toned legging with different colours. Outrageous but very much my style. =)

Overall, it was a good and productive day!

Here is the link for the official video:

Thanks for your continued support, Jenny JC

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Greetings to all my lovely people!

It's finally here, another featured interview about your girl JENNY JC. 

The latest one for March 2009.

Get to know more and maybe laugh a bit, 

CHECK IT OUT, it's posted now at...

Thanks, xoxo Jenny JC

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Magazine Photoshoot- I'm Featured in Beauty Section out this yr in '09

Hi everyone!

Hope all is going well. Today I had a magazine photoshoot, I am featured in the beauty section which focuses on my face and different looks with makeup. I had 2 looks, one being very natural and the other being VERY dramatic (as seen in picture) lol. The set was great, thanks to everyone involved and special thanks for choosing me to be in Polysh magazine. 

The magazine link is below:
You can also check out my little clip about my day! =)
Thanks, Jenny JC!