Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jenny JC featured in Toronto Sun Newspaper Nov 2009

So, I was the model, dancer, and DJ for the Everything to do with sex show in Toronto 2009.
Hectic weekend I tell ya, since I'm like 3 different people but hey getting paid to do what I love, gotta love it lol.

Ok, so I'm getting changed in our so-called change rooms which are basically curtains held by these poles and I swear I heard people talking about "Jimmy" or something like that.
I'm minding my own business pretty much nekkid (I like saying it like that but it's naked) and someone pulls the curtain way OPEN and

I'm in my underwear or thong can't remember but I was lookin in shock like wtf....
Then everyones like "Your in the newspaper!" I'm like "Ok! Let me get changed first", so I finish changing and saw the paper and it was pretty cool, now it makes sense that they were saying "Jenny" not "Jimmy" LOL.

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