Friday, May 1, 2009

A Main Girl in Beenie man's-"Gimmie Gimmie" Music Video

Hello to all,

So I recently completed my part in Beenie man's "Gimmie gimmie" music video.
I was one of five main girls and did my solo dancing scene, while wearing a tube dress. 
I did have a little wardrobe malfunction (as in dress was rising up up up) lol but thank goodness for editing.
It was filmed in Toronto and directed by Lil X.  
Sometimes it's crazy on set, I swear I had changed 5 times until I got my final outfit, thanks to the stylist on board.
I got my hair straightened and that took a while but it was something different.
Got a picture with Beenie as you can see and he's a real joker I tell ya.
Lookout for the video it will be airing in Canada and the BET channel.

Xoxo, Jenny JC

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  1. Looking good jenny big things
    one love your girl kelly''